10 4K & HD Days Gone Wallpapers You Need to Make Your Desktop Background


Nearly two years after its first reveal, the same number delays, and what feels like hundreds of promotional trailers in the build-up to launch, Days Gone is finally just about here. Our review is ready and waiting for final publish, but we’re not allowed to say anything just yet, except what you’ll already have gathered from preview and pre-release material. Namely, that the game is breathtakingly good-looking.

That means it’s another perfect candidate for your next desktop background, and to celebrate the game’s imminent release we’ve compiled 10 of the most stunning 4K and HD Days Gone wallpapers. Let’s dive right in.


A snazzy Days Gone wallpaper reminiscent of the game’s UI aesthetic. HD download


Deacon on his way to deal out some more punishment. 4K downloads


One of the coolest promotional images; Deacon, his bike, impending hordes. 4K downloads


We challenge you to take a better picture in photo-mode than this dev. 4K downloads

The scene used in the original E3 reveal with some added flair. HD download


A slick image of Deacon armed with a machine gun. 4k downloads

There’s no arguing; Oregon is one of the most beautiful open world environments in gaming. 4k downloads

Simple but smart Days Gone wallpaper. 4k downloads

Another image used extensively in the game’s promotion. 4k downloads


Deacon about to hit a home run. 4k downloads

There you have it, folks! Those are our picks for our favorite Days Gone wallpapers that you need to make your desktop background. For more coverage on Days Gone, you can look forward to our upcoming scored review and our wiki guide in the next few days here at Twinfinite.

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