10 Kingdom Hearts PC Wallpapers 4K & HD for Your Next Desktop Background

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is finally here on PC, so the only natural thing to do is celebrate this momentous moment with a bunch of wallpapers featuring characters from the franchise that is nearly 20 years old. Enjoy and don’t forget to download some of them Royal Heart Wallpaper Wallpaper for your own collection.

royal heart wallpaper

While this one from WallpaperTip is old fashioned, it’s a classic that really needs to be included. It has fantastic Nomura art from Sora, Kairi, Riku, Goofy, and Donald.

Best of all, it fits perfectly into the aesthetics of people who prefer to use dark themes on their computers. Download this wallpaper here.

royal heart wallpaper

While this one is technically a screenshot of a YouTube video by user PoloGeist, it’s still a solid wallpaper. The original Chain of Memories box art is one of the coolest images of Sora.

Unfortunately, this is one of the less popular Kingdom Hearts games so it’s quite difficult to find super high resolution wallpapers. You can find the HD version here.

royal heart wallpaper

WallpaperAccess captured this classic shot from the intro Kingdom Hearts 2 cinematic and it still looks amazing today. And even though this image is just a screenshot from the game’s intro, it’s still one of the best wallpapers out there that Kingdom Hearts fans would love to have on their desktop.

You can add these amazing 4K wallpapers to your collection here.

royal heart wallpaper

The artists at Square Enix who created these super-high-detail images for Kingdom Hearts deserve a raise. This classic image featuring characters in Kingdom Hearts 2 outfits makes for a beautiful PC wallpaper. You can download it here.

royal heart wallpaper

The Kingdom Hearts 3 intro video is something fans of the franchise have been waiting for more than 10 years to finally see. And it didn’t disappoint.

The Abyss Wallpaper captures one of the coolest shots of Young Xehanort playing this chess-like board game with lightning flashes in the background. Now you can add this iconic Kingdom Hearts scene to your wallpaper collection here.

This wallpaper created by Reddit user LionCerials is inspired by the PS4 theme you get for pre-ordering the Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC. And you’ll probably now recognize it as a title screen if you download that expansion.

It also makes beautiful PC wallpapers which you can download here.

Nomura’s style is timeless and the key character art from Kingdom Hearts 2 is a perfect example of that. Better yet, not a single main character is missing from this image from WallpaperAccess.

The pure amount of Kingdom Hearts nostalgia in this one image makes it one of the best wallpapers you can find. This artwork can be downloaded here.

This image from WallpaperAccess mixes different games and characters, but it’s a fantastic celebration of what makes Kingdom Hearts great. All the protagonists are easy to like and the wallpaper that brings them all together (without the Birth By Sleep crew) into one image which can be downloaded here.

Finally, the protagonist Birth By Sleep can be featured in this wallpaper from WallpaperAccess. Even though this image features Terra, Ventus, and Aqua art not from the original title, it’s still stunning to see for anyone who is a Birth By Sleep fan.

The images of these three characters make for absolutely stunning wallpapers which can be downloaded here.

Finally, we come to the Kingdom Hearts 3 box art which can be found in Wallpaper Abyss. This is one of the most stunning and eye-catching images you will see on the cover of any franchise.

And that of course makes it one of the most important wallpapers a Kingdom Hearts fan should have. You can add it to your collection here.

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