Windows 11 features smooth new startup sound, rotating wallpaper


Microsoft/Screenshot by Oliver Padilla/CNET

Announced Thursday and launched This winter, which will come Window 11 The operating system’s main selling point is its simplicity and ease of use. (Well, and the fact that Microsoft is kill Windows 10 in 2025.) But despite this emphasis on directness, Microsoft is still aiming to excite awe with its branding for Windows 11 — and that’s especially evident in the revamped startup wallpapers and sounds.

The updated wallpaper retains Windows 10’s royal blue color scheme but ditches the right-aligned Windows logo – instead opting for an amorphous sapphire bloom in the center of the screen, etched with countless rounded creases. It’s part flower, part art blob corporate graphic design: imagery of nature mated with modern sophistication. In this way, perhaps, it is a nod back to classical times Windows XP Wallpapers, which has perfectly sculpted grassy hills and barely serene blue skies. (It’s equally hypnotic, that’s for sure.)

Adding to the ethereal vibe of the startup experience are the all-new welcome jingles: sharp melodies that rise while dissonant synth chords swell and fade beneath them. “Doo doo doo doo,” the masterpiece hums.

There is still a few months before Windows 11 started hitting PCs, but you can see the wallpaper and hear the sound for yourself now.

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