What was art in the meme era?

In this context, do we change our idea of ​​what “art” is?
This is my impression.

Impressions that are not widely shared…
Most of the art world is very reluctant to accept any form of invasion of tone and artistic expression that comes from outside. The art world has always worked like this, between insiders and outsiders. I’m not saying that art is dead, I’m thinking the opposite. What people tend to forget is that the concept of art that we have today, today and in this part of the world, is the same as the birth of the concept of art, with a history that started from the Renaissance but lasted a long time. form in the 19th century. And even the art system as we know it today, consisting of museums, galleries, and curators, is a system that was just created. Just read an art history book and you’ll see that our ideas about art have changed a lot.

In that book, you talk about the birth of the lo-fi aesthetic, the rejection of high definition celebrations as a value in itself. How did it happen and how did it spread?
Artistic acts also take on the function of connecting and sharing with others. It is also an attempt to create a style, language and attitude that can provide an alternative to the mainstream, hallmark of the mass internet. As the internet becomes accessible to so many people, there is a proliferation of diversity – many different niches of people who are passionate about different things, with different styles, different attitudes. This also has an impact on aesthetics in a broader sense. Chaos, but at the same time also a very lively and diverse manifestation of different attitudes and aesthetics made possible by this new aspect.

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