Amazon Prime Day Restock PS5 Offer: PlayStation 5 console and games

Amazon Prime Day Buyers are hoping that PS5 restocks and PlayStation 5 offerings on the console and games are on their way. With Sony’s console limited supply since its launch, many are hoping Prime Day will present the next opportunity to buy it. Here are all the Amazon Prime Day PS5 offerings for the console and its games so far.

Amazon Prime Day PS5 Deals

first day ps5 offer

Here are the PS5 Prime Day offerings, which we’ll update as they appear during the two-day event:

It remains to be seen if the PS5 console will appear on Amazon today, although it is optimistic to hope that it will be available as part of a Prime Day deal. With stock being so limited due to manufacturing complications due to the pandemic, whenever a new stock is launched, it’s very unlikely that it will show up at a discount.

However, since Amazon has spread its offerings across a wide range of PS5 games, it seems the console software isn’t out of bounds in terms of savings. We expect offers across these PS5 games and accessories to appear regularly over the next two days, and we’ll be monitoring the best deals here, so be sure to bookmark this page to keep track of all the savings you can make.

In other news, Facebook has come under fire after inserting ads into its Oculus Quest 2 game, angering virtual reality users in the process. Treyarch also revealed a new Black Ops Cold War Zombies map for season 4 of the Call of Duty game.

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