Breath of the Wild Fan Creates Stunning 3D Embroidery Art Based on Game

Fans of A Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild share their unique 3D embroidered creations of Link, his friends, and special places found in the game.

Being one of the first games available for Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has garnered a large fan base since its launch in 2017. Despite being a few years old, hardcore fans of the game continue to find glitches in the game, even those involving the powerful late-game Master Sword, and creating original content for the title. Now, another BotW fan produces unique 3D embroidery art that captures some of the poignant places and settings in the iconic video game.

With E3 2021 news about Wild Breath 2 release taking place in 2022, the gaming community is likely to be filled with excitement. However, Nintendo hasn’t shared an official launch date yet, leaving fans with no idea when they’ll be able to play the game’s sequel next year. Until then, gamers will have to make do with the upcoming HD remaster of Sky Sword on the Nintendo Switch, launching this July 2021.

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On Reddit, user sydstitch has shared some of his embroidered creations featuring Nintendo Wild Breath. His work features a small Link doll sewn into his version from the game Lover’s Pond. Most players will likely remember that this location can be found in the Tuft Mountains, where Link must complete one of the game’s many side missions. However, instead of reflecting Wabbin’s lover and Perda, the host BotW characters can be seen when Link faces the pool in the sydstitch version. This likely indicates Link’s feelings towards his companions, considering how he used their powers after his current awakening in Hyrule.

botw link overlooking the lover's pool

Most of sydstitch’s work can be found on Instagram or her online store, where fans of the different series can buy actual embroidery and sticker items of her art. Besides him Wild Breath creations, many of sydstitch’s works draw inspiration from iconic scenes in Studio Ghibli films such as Howl Mobile Castle, Kiki Delivery Service, and Excited to go. Some of his works also involve characters from anime such as Haikyuu!! and One Punch Man.

With most comments on the Reddit thread praising the sydstitch version of Wild Breath‘s Lover’s Pond, it’s interesting to see how the gaming community interprets the themes found in the title. As the release date for BotW 2 closer than ever, fans are more than likely hoping that the sequel will draw the same feelings and affection that the base game did when it first launched.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild currently available on Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Reddit/sydstitch

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