Canceled Legend of Zelda Game Concept Art Leaks Will Follow Dark Timeline

As fans await the Breath of the Wild sequel, a leaked concept art suggests the canceled and darker Legend of Zelda game will be releasing on the Wii.

In the video game industry, the cancellation of games, projects and consoles is inevitable, because sometimes, things don’t always work out for various reasons. However, it’s always a special treat when a deleted concept or idea is revealed after being canceled, just to see what could happen. This most often comes in the form of concept art revealed by members of the pre-production staff, and now, the info has been revealed at the canceled show. Legend of Zelda Wi game.

For some time now, it’s been known that Nintendo has often seen different game studios constantly pitching ideas at them, some of which came to fruition, though many that didn’t. Leaked concept art of a much darker theme Zelda games played by Prime Metroid developer Retro Studios showcased a ton of what could be a different kind of game on Legend of Zelda series.

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Reportedly, Retro Studios is in the process of pitching a darker “bad timeline” Zelda game between 2005 and 2008. This installment will not follow Link, but will follow the journey of the last male Sheikah to stop Ganon’s rebirth after the hypothetical failure of Hero of Time in Zelda Legend: Ocarina Time.

In concept art, fans can see what the Sheikah hero looks like, brandishing bandages and clothing marks similar to the Sheik from Ocarina Time. Browse artwork on canceled game archive site Unseen64 showing off what appear to be characters from other races inside Legend of Zelda universe, like the much more axolotl-inspired Zora, and the spooky-looking Gerudo. At first glance, fans can see that the Wii’s gaming environment and atmosphere will be much darker than other entries in the series, perhaps even more so. Twilight Princess, because the Retro Studios title will follow the protagonist after the genocidal ethnic cleansing of the Sheikah people.

Every avid Zelda fans may know that the long list of game series fits into a somewhat convoluted and sometimes confusing timeline. canonically, Legend of Zelda timeline split after Ocarina Time depending on the outcome, where Link managed to beat Ganon, or was defeated alone, that’s where the game was like Relationship to the past, Link’s Awakening, and the original Legend of Zelda game in progress. Supposedly, this Retro Studios game will fit into that timeline, although it’s not specified where exactly.

While fans may be disappointed to learn that they missed out on a much darker one Zelda game, they might not have to wait any longer to experience the sequel Wild Breath, which definitely carries a dark tone, like The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Maybe fans will learn more this year as part of Zelda 35th anniversary of the series.

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