Concrete Genie Wallpaper HD 4K You Need to Make Your Desktop Background


Concrete Genie from Pixelopus is the latest PlayStation 4 exclusive game about a boy named Ash who is tasked with bringing life and joy back to the dark city of Denska. By befriending the Genies and taking over the powerful paintbrush, Ash will color the world back to its former glory.

In case you didn’t know, the game is absolutely gorgeous, with an art style reminiscent of stop-motion movies like Coraline and Nightmare Before Christmas. Having said that, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest Concrete Genie wallpapers that you need to download for your desktop.

Genie Concrete HD 4K Wallpaper You Need to Make Your Desktop Background

This image of Ash in front of his genies and the bullies in the background encapsulates many of the themes and plots of the Concrete Genie and is simply a beautiful backdrop for your desktop.

You can download this one here at HDQWalls.

concrete genie wallpaper for desktop backgrounds

The logo for the Concrete Genie with one of the little Genies popping up is as charming as ever and deserves a place in any background.

If you’re interested in downloading this one, it’s here at HDQWalls.

Concrete Genie Wallpaper HD 4K You Need to Make Your Desktop Background

You can’t look at all those genies and tell me they’re not the cutest little creatures ever. These stunning pictures of Denska city make great wallpapers.

You can download this image in 4K here at HDQWalls.

concrete genie

This picture of Ash doodling in his notebook makes a pretty cute desktop background. You can download these HD images on Alphacoder.

concrete genie

Due to the bullies who have taken over the city of Denska, Ash finds solace and comfort when he is with his Genie friends – only those he can trust in his time of need.

Download on Alphacoder.

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This horizontal image is great for a long-screen or dual-screen computer setup in your home and showcases some of Ash’s beautiful artwork.

You can see this 4K image of Concrete Genie here on Alphacoder.

This image of Ash holding his magic brush is great because he is surrounded by all his fellow genies.

This HD Concrete Genie image can be downloaded by clicking the link here on Alphacoder.

For more on Concrete Genie, you can read our review score here and if you’re looking for more desktop wallpapers, you might be interested in some for Borderlands 3, Link’s Awakening, and Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

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