Find Windows 10 PC background images every day with Bing Wallpaper

Are you tired of booting your PC every weekday to the same boring background image? If so, change it! Use the Bing Wallpaper app from Microsoft to refresh your PC desktop wallpaper with beautiful new photos of wildlife or landscapes every day.

Sound familiar? Yes, I guess: We’ve previously shown you how to personalize your PC, with custom sounds and themes and backgrounds. With the Microsoft theme pack, you choose the background. With Bing Wallpaper, the Microsoft team puts together a new photo to set as your PC wallpaper. As the app is updated daily, there is a small control to scroll through the available wallpapers if you are looking for a different mood.

Somewhat surprisingly, Bing Wallpaper is not an app you’ll find on the Microsoft Store. Instead, you can download the Bing Wallpaper app directly or from Microsoft’s Bing Wallpaper page. (A version of the Bing Wallpaper app has been quietly available for years, since Windows 8 and maybe even earlier; it just looks like an updated version.)

bing wallpaper desktop app 2 Mark Hachman / IDG

Microsoft art varies dramatically, from landscape photos to wildlife to more abstract but culturally significant art like this.

Each image has been featured on the Bing homepage, from a Microsoft curated collection of nature images. Microsoft didn’t provide many details about the images themselves, including whether the company provides 4K wallpapers for high-resolution displays. But everything looks sharp and clear on my screen.

The Bing Wallpaper app can be controlled via the small Bing Wallpaper app icon on your PC’s taskbar. Click that, and you’ll have the option to switch between the latest wallpapers, and (of course!) visit Bing to learn more about the scene.

microsoft bing 2 wallpaper change Mark Hachman / IDG

Small controls on the taskbar provide more information and allow you to browse the art.

Want to choose your own PC background? Try Theme

If the Bing Wallpaper app features a winter scene and you’re craving something more tropical, you’re free to head over to the Microsoft Store and find your own theme. Just open the Store app, type Theme, and click Get your theme button, which will appear in the prominent “Windows Themes” card that appears at the top of the page.

Themes collects dozens (hundreds?) of curated Microsoft themes, all for free. Don’t be afraid of some of the “Premium” labels—Microsoft uses that language to display 4K photos, as opposed to more traditional 1080p imagery. You’ll see several third-party themes, some of which charge a small fee, but most are free.

windows theme is better than microsoft Mark Hachman / IDG

Want a theme that you can choose yourself? The Microsoft Store apps have tons of them, all for free.

Artistic preferences vary. Some love music, others sculpture; some prefer film, or woodworking. Personally, I’ve always loved the beauty of nature, and the scratchy, itchy Bing image every day. I love it, and I think you will too.

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