Founder’s legacy inspires students at Moss-Thorns Art Gallery in Fort Hays State

Speaking of the Thorns Art Gallery at Fort Hays State University on Thursday morning is Tyler Dallis, left, an FHSU graduate student in ceramics and student assistant from Exeter, Mo., with Colin Schmidtberger, center, gallery director, and Molli Banks, That's right, student workers and FHSU juniors majoring in art history from Great Bend.

The show wasn’t scheduled to happen, but after the cancellation opened the calendar, the question became what it would be called.

Moss-Thorns Art Gallery director Colin Schmidtberger and graphic design student Morgan Choitz came up with “Cartulary.” In general, it’s an idea to keep things from the past, Schmidtberger explained Thursday in a gallery on the Fort Hays State University campus.

“Cartulary,” which opens on January 25, is a showcase of original work by two respected former department heads of the Fort Hays State University Department of Arts, Joel Moss and John Thorns.

“The Barbed Moss Gallery is the real name of our gallery, that’s the foundation,” says Schmidtberger, who is also an interior design instructor. “Cartulary is a unique name for attracting people to our exhibitions, but also sticks with the work of Moss-Thorns, because they are our founders.”

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