Groose from Skyward Sword HD Has Zelda’s Best Character Arc

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD brings one of the most involved stories in the series to the Switch, and the Groose redemption arc is one of its best parts.

Opposite of Breath of the Wild open design philosophy, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is a linear title with one of the series’ most involved stories. Putting narrative front and center allows for a stronger characterization than others Zelda games, including from Sky SwordGroose, one of the most dynamic characters in the franchise.

As one of Nintendo’s most story-driven franchises, Legend of Zelda is home to some of the characters the developers love the most. Most Zelda The game is separated by various tones and art styles, as well as centuries in the timeline of the universe, so there is a lot of variety in the faces that players encounter. Twilight Princess‘ Midna is a sassy and manipulative imp that warms up Link during the game, while The Wind Builder‘s Medli is a gentle soul who strives to be like her mentor and cares deeply for those who look up to her. A character like this is interesting in its own way, but Sky Sword‘s Groose is very entertaining.

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After the initial release, many players took issue Skyward Sword lengthy introduction, but at least does a good job of setting up the game’s main character. Link, Zelda, and Groose all live in Skyloft, a bustling city on a giant rock that floats in the sky. It was clear that Link and Zelda had a deep friendship since childhood, with some romantic tensions that made Groose, one of Link’s classmates at the knight academy, jealous. As a result, he bullied Link, kidnapping his Loftwing mount so he couldn’t participate in the Wings Ceremony. But once Zelda falls to the surface world and Link picks up the Goddess Sword to save her, starting the game right, it would be fair to assume Groose will just stay in the intro. Instead, it plays a key role in peran Sky Sword HD’plots.

Groose from Skyward Sword HD Has an Exciting Redemption Arc

Groose Has a Good Redemption Arc

Groose took a back seat for a while, but he reappeared after the third dungeon. When Link returns to the Sealing Grounds, looking for clues on how to follow Zelda into the past after she destroyed the Gate of Time in Lanayru, Groose follows her. There, he found the existing surface and Link was the chosen hero. He rebels at first, claiming that he will be the one to save Zelda, but after seeing Link seal the Imprisoned Person after his sudden escape, Groose reluctantly accepts that Link is indeed a hero and he can do nothing to help Zelda.

After another three dungeons, Link returned back to the Sealed Grounds, and the Imprisoned One managed to escape. However, while waiting for Link, Groose changed his mind and developed a large catapult, moving along the rails around the hole where the beast was. Groose helps Link by pelting the monster with giant bomb flowers and shooting Link himself into the beast’s head. when it starts to fly. Later, he even caught Zelda after she was sent flying during the game’s climax, just before Link’s final battle against Demise. This is a surprising change, as Groose is extremely narcissistic early in the adventure, and he ends up proving to be a selfless ally and good friend of Link and Zelda by the end. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD.

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