Here are all the wallpapers from Windows 11

Windows 11 is real, leaked ISO of its operating system is circulating on the internet. Many have already downloaded and installed the next version of Windows to see what’s new.

Wallpapers are always in demand when a new operating system is launched; this is the case of a leaked copy of Windows 11 and its wallpaper images.

Windows 11 build info

Not everyone can install a virtual machine on their computer just to try out a new OS. But if you want to experience it a little bit, we can help you get Windows 11 wallpapers.

Let’s quickly break down the folders. There are two wallpapers in this 4K folder measuring 1920 x 1080 pixels, namely Full HD 1080p and not UHD. The lighter version 2, is currently the default wallpaper for Windows 11.

Windows 11 wallpapers - windows folder

Moved to the Screens directory, it has 6 backgrounds, and guess what? The images in this directory are 3840 x 2160 pixels, aka 4K UHD. There’s some Microsoft logic for you.

Windows 11 wallpapers - screen folder

The Wallpaper folder has 5 sets of images; Captured Motion, Stream, Light, Sunrise, and Windows.

The contents of the Windows directory are identical to the 4K folder, but the resolution of the former is 4K. By the way, all the images in the five sub-directories of the wallpaper folder are 3840 x 2400 pixels in size.

Unlike Windows 10, its successor has an additional folder called TouchKeyboard, and there are 8 images in it. I was expecting to find some keyboard themes, but these look like normal wallpapers. In fact, it is the only wallpaper in the OS, which is in 2K (2736 x 1539 pixels) resolution.

Windows 11 wallpapers - touch keyboard folder

Do you see anything unusual in the pictures? Or missing something? I’m talking about the Windows logo, which surprisingly doesn’t appear on any of the Windows 11 wallpapers. Well, this is just a leaked version, so maybe Microsoft will unveil a new style when the new OS officially launches.

Some of these wallpapers are pretty cool if you compare them to the Windows 10 images. Microsoft has gone from nature-themed backgrounds to more abstract ones like Apple has on macOS. Sunrise Wallpaper is the only nature-related image in the current version of the OS.

Download Windows 11 wallpapers

Windows 11 wallpapers are available in full resolution in this Imgur album. You can view them, and download the ones you like. Right click on the image preview and open it in a new tab, and you will get the full resolution image.

For those of you who have Windows 11 installed, you may have noticed that you cannot adjust any settings, such as setting a different wallpaper, without activating the operating system. Or can? Here’s a little tip, use the Windows Explorer context menu shortcut “Set as Desktop Background”, and you can change the wallpaper to whatever you want.

You may have read my article on where to find desktop backgrounds in Windows 10. Well, Windows 11 wallpapers are located in the same folder, which is C:WindowsWeb. That’s where I extracted the image from.

Other than that, Windows 11 seems to be very smooth in terms of performance. I didn’t expect it to run as fast in a virtual machine. The middle taskbar and the new start menu are pretty good. Hopefully we’ll hear more about the operating system soon.


Here are all the wallpapers from Windows 11

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Here are all the wallpapers from Windows 11


Here are all the wallpapers from the leaked Windows 11 build. There are some nice abstract images in the collection.




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