How To Get New Genshin Impact Live Wallpaper Featuring Eula

Eula is officially living at Genshin Impact, and she’s got a fancy new live wallpaper to celebrate.

New Animated Genshin Impact live wallpaper for Eula

Mihoyo just launched a five-star character that uses the latest Cryo, Eula, sent her banner live yesterday. To celebrate his release, Mihoyo launched a new live wallpaper available through his N0va app.

If you’re not familiar with the term, “live” wallpapers are simply animated wallpapers, sometimes accompanied by music. They became quite popular on Steam using apps like Wallpaper Engine, and Mihoyo released several other characters earlier this year such as Ganyu, Venti, Barbara, and Geo Traveler. It’s all still available too.

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You can grab Eula’s latest wallpapers by visiting Mihoyo’s official website for the N0va Desktop app, available for Windows. N0va is also available on iOS and Google Play Store, so you can use Mihoyo’s fancy new wallpapers on most devices. Once you’ve downloaded it, go to the Featured option in the app, and you’ll see an Eula icon hanging out.

N0va Desktop Genshin Impact screenshot of Eula wallpaper

You’ll need to select a download before you can use it, but this will have to wait a bit. Once you’ve downloaded the Eula scene, you should be able to use it as a lock screen, background, or both.

The N0va app does have to keep running if you want to keep your Eula desktop alive, so make sure you don’t exit or you’ll lose that Eula wallpaper. And if you’re not into Cryo’s new users, Mihoyo has added some new animated wallpapers from another game, Honkai Impact 3rd, including the Asuka one from the Evangelion crossover event earlier this year.

Until recently, Mihoyo had mostly used the N0va app to show off Lumi, a cute little virtual girl who would be pacing and tapping on your monitor screen. The company has continued to grow from just Genshin Impact stuff, as earlier this year Mihoyo announced its plans to localize its Otome game.

If you’re ready to dive right into Genshin again, Eula just came out and we’ve prepared some recommendations on how to prepare.

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