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SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – This is a basic concept that can produce extraordinary results.

“The beauty of origami is simply folding something with just your hands. No special tools needed, just a piece of paper and hands,” says Linda Mihara, owner of Paper Tree in San Francisco.

Mihara says that he has practiced the art of origami all his life. He said that was true of many people who grew up in Japanese culture.

“In Japan, origami is pretty much passed down from generation to generation from mother to child,” said Mihara.

The word “origami” is Japanese.

“Ori” is the plural for “fold” and “gami” is the plural for “paper.”

Mihara’s grandfather published one of the first books in English on origami in the United States. That was in the 1950s, but the first publications on origami were in Japan in the 1790s.

To this day, the art form is still very popular.

“Origami in my opinion has advantages that anyone can do,” said Mihara.

Principals are also used in science and mathematics.

“Heart stents. The stent has to go into the artery, but then opens evenly and efficiently so they used origami principles to do the design,” Mihara said.

He said he hopes at some point we will see origami highlighted at the Tokyo Olympics.

“That’s something that could be worked on there at some point.”

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