Disney Art Academy To Be Removed From 3DS eShop At The End Of March

Image: Nintendo Mario’s clean-up day is coming, and to add to the list of things that will be removed at the end of the month, we’ve published Nintendo’s 3DS titles. Disney Academy of Arts, which will be discontinued on March 30. Nintendo’s Japanese customer support shared this information on Twitter. Any user with access to … Read more

Live Wallpaper・4K 3D aesthetic by VOLKRAFT

Looking for high quality wallpapers for iPhone?To fit the parallax size?Want cool Live Wallpapers in 4K and HD quality?To see every day a lot of new wallpapers?You just found this app!Wallcraft / Wallpaperscraft – a completely new level of approach to wallpaper.Only wallpapers are suitable for your iPhone resolution. Live wallpaper or regular wallpaper, you … Read more

Friendship Day 2021 Free HD Images & Wallpapers Online Download: Wish Happy International Friendship Day With WhatsApp Stickers, Greetings and Quotes

International Friendship Day will be celebrated on August 1 this year. Also known as Friendship Day, this celebration is observed on the first Sunday in August. The 2021 Friendship Day celebration will definitely be filled with exciting activities with your closest and dear ones. International Friendship Day celebrations aim to celebrate the relationship we all … Read more

Sisters’ Day 2021 Free HD Images & Wallpapers Online Download: Wish Happy Sisters Day With WhatsApp Messages, Quotes and GIF Greetings

National Sisters Day is celebrated throughout the United States on the first Sunday in August. National Sisters Day 2021 will be commemorated on August 1 and is sure to be an exciting event. The celebration of Sisters Day is sure to be filled with fun activities that will celebrate the sisters who are always there … Read more

Two Giant Exoplanets Found Around Sun Like Star | Astronomy

Professional astronomers and citizen scientists from the NASA-funded Planet Hunters TESS project have discovered a two-planet system around a bright star such as the Sun HD 152843. An artist’s rendering of the planetary system HD 152843. Image credit: NASA/Scott Wiessinger. HD 152843 is a G dwarf star located about 352 light-years away in the northern … Read more

Shivrajyabhishek Din 2021: Wishes, Facebook Messages, Greetings, HD Images & Wallpapers To Share In Celebration of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Coronation Day

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is one of the most courageous and enlightened rulers in Indian history. Chatrapati Shivaji is an all time legend. Shivaji was crowned Maratha Swaraj king on 6 June 1674, at Raigad fort. Therefore. this day came to be known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Coronation Day. However, from this year it will be … Read more

The best drawing tablets for animation in 2021

Pros and beginners alike discover how the best drawing tablets for animation can transform their digital art process. Quickly becoming the industry standard, this tablet is the perfect way to bring your creations to life – and there are many brilliant options available. The animation industry has largely shifted to tablets from computers, so if … Read more

Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition Listed at Crazy Prices on eBay

An Ultra Limited edition copy of the survival-horror game Dead Space is selling for insane prices on online auction sites like eBay. Dead space back in the news lately thanks to an upcoming announcement Dead space remake in development at Star Wars: Squadron Motive EA developer. NS Dead space The announcement of the remake has … Read more

The next Superman movie disappoints fans who were expecting Static Shock or John Stewart

A new report has claimed that Warner Bros’ plans for a new Superman The film will star a black actor as Kal-El, which has angered fans who hoped to see a film based on John Stewart’s Green Lantern and Static Shock, which shaped the character Black in the DC universe. Fans of Justice League director … Read more

PS5 Returns Review: Is it worth buying?

Review Back for PS5. Roguelikes and roguelites are almost exclusively locked into the indie scene and are almost always top-down or 2D. While still technically an indie studio, Housemarque changed it through Return, Sony’s published AAA roguelite shooter. While this is a departure for the Finnish developer and takes on a different genre, it’s easily … Read more