PC Resident Evil Village: How to use PS4 controller

Players of the latest Resident Evil titles on PC have plenty of options to customize their experience, but one major omission seems to be Resident Evil Village PS4 PC controller support, or let players have the correct PS4 button instructions. When using a controller on a PC, games immediately default to Xbox pad and Xbox controller commands, including those on the main menu screen. Here’s how to play the PC version of Resident Evil Village with the PS4 controller button instructions.

How to use PS4 controller with PC version of Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village PS4 PC Controller

Resident Evil Village can be played with a PS4 controller by changing the options on Steam, although to fix the button and control prompts on the main menu screen, the mod will need to be downloaded.

To activate the PS4 pad with Steam, open the client, go to ‘Steam’ on the top left and ‘Settings’, then go to ‘General Controller Settings’. This will open the Steam Big Picture Mode menu, where the option for ‘PlayStation Configuration Support’ needs to be checked. Plug in the PS4 pad before starting Resident Evil Village (or any other game with controller support) and it should work fine.

Resident Evil Village PC PS4 ControllerHowever, all button prompts and main menu screens default to Xbox controllers with no obvious option to change to PS4 pad prompts, which can be confusing. Instead, modders have made their own fix for this issue which can be downloaded now, at least until Capcom patched the option. A modder boy called james has created a PS4 button mod that adds a PS4 button hint and a correct DualShock image on the main Controls screen. It can be downloaded from NexusMods here.

Hopefully, Capcom will patch proper PS4 controller support to the PC version as soon as possible, but for now, this fix should work fine.

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