Skyward Sword HD Acrylic Panel

My Nintendo users will soon be able to redeem platinum points for the stunning looking Skyward Sword HD acrylic panels.

Zelda SS . Acrylic

In honor of the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD on Switch today, Nintendo of America has announced that My Nintendo members will soon be getting physical rewards for joining their game. Just like the special little treats Club Nintendo has had in the past, the little Skyward Sword-themed acrylic panels will be yours to collect if you have 1,000 platinum points.

For those who don’t know what My Nintendo is, it’s a loyalty rewards program similar to cashback on a credit card. In order to purchase Nintendo games digitally or physically and register them on the Nintendo website, you are given coins which can be redeemed for discounts in the eShop. There’s also a free tier that tasks you with playing Nintendo mobile titles to earn separate currencies for physical and digital rewards.

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It may not be in the same class as the awesome stuff that Club Nintendo is used to, but the company changed gears last year by starting to offer physical goodies again in the form of some Xenoblade Chronicles keychains. As time goes by, we are now close to something worthy of collecting. As stupid as these little acrylic panels are, I NEED IT!

The panels will be a minuscule 5”x7”, but are sure to be a beautiful recreation of Skyward Sword’s incredible box art. There’s no set date for when Nintendo will offer this item or when users can expect to receive it, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this. You can never have too much Zelda swag in your life, even if it’s items that would look great in your kitchen as a backsplash.

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