‘It can be done by anyone’: Researching the art of origami | wivt

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – This is a basic concept that can produce extraordinary results. “The beauty of origami is simply folding something with just your hands. No special tools needed, just a piece of paper and hands,” says Linda Mihara, owner of Paper Tree in San Francisco. Mihara says that he has practiced the art … Read more

Founder’s legacy inspires students at Moss-Thorns Art Gallery in Fort Hays State

The show wasn’t scheduled to happen, but after the cancellation opened the calendar, the question became what it would be called. Moss-Thorns Art Gallery director Colin Schmidtberger and graphic design student Morgan Choitz came up with “Cartulary.” In general, it’s an idea to keep things from the past, Schmidtberger explained Thursday in a gallery on … Read more

Disney Art Academy To Be Removed From 3DS eShop At The End Of March

Image: Nintendo Mario’s clean-up day is coming, and to add to the list of things that will be removed at the end of the month, we’ve published Nintendo’s 3DS titles. Disney Academy of Arts, which will be discontinued on March 30. Nintendo’s Japanese customer support shared this information on Twitter. Any user with access to … Read more

Breath of the Wild Fan Creates Stunning 3D Embroidery Art Based on Game

Fans of A Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild share their unique 3D embroidered creations of Link, his friends, and special places found in the game. Being one of the first games available for Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has garnered a large fan base since its launch in … Read more

World War II Reveals Box Art, 4K Ultra HD Release Date

Warner Bros. has revealed the cover, release date, and full details for the animated DC film Justice Society: World War II home video release. Justice Society: World War II — the newest DC Universe film from Warner Bros. Animation — will arrive digitally in April, and physically in May. Directed by Jeff Wamester, Justice Society: … Read more

LA’s First NFT Art Gallery Debuts at LA Art Show

The LA Art Show kicked off at the Convention Center Thursday night, and there’s something different on display this year. Alongside many traditional galleries featuring everything from photography to sculpture is Vellum LA, which will be the city’s first brick-and-mortar gallery to handle NFT (non-fungible token) art when it opens on Melrose Avenue this fall. … Read more

“I am a part of this art” after defeating Cesaro

Roman Reigns: “I am a part of this art” after securing victory over Cesaro at Wrestlemania Backlash: Universal Champion and ‘Head of the Table’ Roman Reigns once again successfully defended the Universal Championship against ‘Swiss Superman’ at Wrestlemania Backlash. However, to everyone’s surprise, Roman doesn’t need help from his cousin Jey Uso to do his … Read more

Google expands online gallery of ultra-HD classic art

We certainly enjoy a good dunk on Google from time to time, but credit must be given when credit is due. The company’s Cultural Institute services do some very good work on the ultra-high-definition digitization of the world’s premier artworks. Recently, the program’s ongoing Gigapixel project expanded the catalog of 2D and 3D objects for … Read more

Art review: At the American University Museum, a survey of DC paintings in the 1960s spans 32 years in ‘The Long Sixties’

Bodnarchuk, who taught at Corcoran for 32 years, is known primarily as a sculptor and graphic designer. Her visual diary begins as black-and-white doodles on square paper, sometimes with a touch of color. The images immediately became brighter, more complex, and mostly horizontal. Longtime resident of Glen Echo describes flowers, the sky, rivers, and animals, … Read more

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Key Art Revealed

Nintendo of America revealed the box art and key visuals for the upcoming Nintendo Switch HD remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Lock art and box art for upcoming remasters The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD was unveiled by Nintendo after the game’s announcement. Nintendo of America tweeted both the box art … Read more

2021 Ramsay Art Prize Finalists announced

Presented biennially by the Art Gallery of South Australia, the prize is open to artists working in any medium, including sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, installation and motion pictures. The 2021 Prize draws entries from over 350 artists. “We are excited to present contemporary talent from every state and territory for the first time in the … Read more

Battle of the Realms Release Date, Box Art Revealed

As revealed last week, the sequel to Mortal Kombat Legend: Scorpion Revenge called Mortal Kombat Legend: Battle of Nature will be released this summer from Warner Bros. Animation is coordinating with franchise stewards Mortal Kombat NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Today, it was announced that the upcoming animated film will be officially released … Read more

Crossroads of Art and Astronomy

Title: Astro-animation – Art and science education case studies Writer: Laurence Arcadias, Robin HD Corbet, Declan McKenna, Isabella Potenziani First Author Institution: Maryland Institute College of Arts Status: Accepted for publication in Animation, Process & Production Practice [pre-print available on arxiv] Astronomy is a complex scientific endeavor as well as a deeply human experience. The … Read more

NFT Booms As Collectors Come Out to ‘Own’ Digital Art

NFT technology, Harrison says, provides a way to put a price tag on digital art, harnessing the primal hoarding instincts—the search for eligible Veblen items, coveted only to the extent that they are expensive—that is behind many collectors’ desires. Mix that with a frothy community eager to trade and meme every new construct adjacent to … Read more