How Ed Atkins Poetry and CGI Videos Struggle With Authenticity –

In “Get Life/Love’s Work,” his exhibition on display at the New Museum in New York through October 3, Ed Atkins considers the subject of distance—especially in the Covid-19 era—through the medium he is most familiar with: high-definition, computer-generated figurative video. The Copenhagen-based British-born artist and poet has created a new CG animation using footage from… Continue reading How Ed Atkins Poetry and CGI Videos Struggle With Authenticity –

Best E-Readers and Tablets –

There is no genuine substitute for the feeling and experience of reading a physical book, but it can sometimes be frustrating or uncomfortable to carry it with you. This can be especially true when it comes to art books, which can range from heavy catalogs to large monographs to dense how-to guides. Whether you are… Continue reading Best E-Readers and Tablets –

Best Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera –

Point-and-shoot cameras have come a long way from the start, and today’s high-end models can produce clear, sharp, and attractive photos, even for snap shots. All point-and-shoot cameras have a fixed lens, often a pancake or zoom style for maximum portability. When choosing a high-end fixed-lens digital camera, keep in mind the type of image… Continue reading Best Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera –