12 Removable Wallpaper Designs Give Paint the Best Results

Like the person who once thought “I have nothing to wear” while staring at a closet full of tofu, a quick fix for a boring wardrobe is to buy new vintage jeans (or whatever their kryptonite fashion is). After all, jeans won’t turn anyone back also many. However, most people can’t just go out and … Read more

Nintendo Europe I Give Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Postcard – Just Pay For Shipping

The European My Nintendo website has a new freebie up for grabs, this time celebrating the latest release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. By submitting 400 Platinum Points (which can be earned simply by regularly visiting the site), you can earn “seven high-quality, extra-large postcards” featuring game-inspired artwork. This bundle also includes … Read more

Download the official Windows 11 wallpapers and give your phone an amazing new look – Phandroid

With each release of a new smartphone, we are treated to a collection of new wallpapers that can be used to customize the look of our device. While there are some great options to choose from, it’s rare that we get new wallpapers from Microsoft, but that’s now changing as the company has officially launched … Read more