Lumina Melty Blood Type Announced for Consoles

new Melting Blood entry is in progress. Type-Moon revealed Melting Blood: Lumina Type for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One on Ace-Moon Type vol. 13. It will be a 2D fighter and appear in 2021 worldwide. The official website will open “soon.” [Thanks, BananaShiki!] Here are the scan results shared by BananaShiki. They confirmed Shiki Tohno,… Continue reading Lumina Melty Blood Type Announced for Consoles


£ 620 EXCLUDING VAT UK VAT is deducted from all EU / International sales at checkout IN STOCK AND SHIPPING TODAY MHD Type 2 Watch – In Stock While supplies last! MHD designer Matthew Humphries has always been obsessed with motorsports and especially what he considers to be the golden age of motorsport, the 1920s!… Continue reading MHD TYPE 2