What’s in Dying Light Platinum Edition and how to upgrade

With the hype for Dying Light 2’s build, many players are looking back on the series’ early outings. Fortunately, developer Techland just released Dying Light Platinum Edition, the ultimate version of the original game. Like most modern-era bundles, this new release includes some DLC, skins, and other bonus content. Here’s what’s included with the Dying … Read more

Mass Effect Legendary Edition DLC List: What’s Included?

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Zelda: HD Skyward Sword Difference – What’s the Difference Skyward Sword Switch Vs Wii?

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is finally here and, after a pre-launch period that gave us plenty of insight into the differences between this shiny new remaster and its Wii predecessor, we now get the perfect opportunity to see exactly what has been changed. , simplified, cut and added. Over the past few … Read more

What’s the newest in kitchen cupboards, flooring and counter tops? Designer Kerrie Kelly has solutions.

Inside designer, creator, product designer and advisor Kerrie Kelly is inventive director for Kerrie Kelly Design Lab in California. Her background in development and enterprise drives her innovation in inside design. Kelly, who has greater than 25 years of expertise within the trade, is an adviser to the Nationwide Kitchen and Tub Affiliation. Kelly has … Read more