What does the Windows 11 PC Health Check message “Your organization manages updates on this PC” mean?

PC users are excited and wary of the upcoming release of Window 11. Microsoft’s latest OS looks great, but not all computers can run it. That’s why Microsoft recommends running Windows 11 PC Health Check. Unfortunately, the test failed under several conditions, including when a message appeared saying “Your organization manages updates on this PC.” … Read more

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Windows 11 features smooth new startup sound, rotating wallpaper

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Windows 11 | Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new operating system

Windows 11 brings a fresh and simple design to users along with several new features, including a cleaner Start menu; UI, productivity and performance improvements; new app store with access to Android apps; and game improvement. (Subscribe to the Cache Today newsletter for a quick snippet of the top 5 tech stories. Click here for … Read more

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