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Players trying to defeat Skulltula in The Legend of Zelda: Temple of Skyview Skyward Sword can find help in this guide.

As players pass through the Skyview Shrine, Legend of Zelda: Sword of Skywardthe first dungeon, they would find a number of Skulltula. Indeed, these spiders were seen blocking Link’s progress several times, and fans had to send them off to continue. That said, how to kill spiders in Legend of Zelda: Sword of Skyward may not be immediately visible to all players, and this guide is here to help.

To start simple, all Skulltula in Legend of Zelda: Sword of SkywardSkyview Shrines were eliminated with a hit landing on their weak point. The spots are located on the spider’s belly, and their purple light makes them quite easy to spot. However, accessing this part of Skulltula’s body and attacking it can sometimes prove a bit difficult, as fans will need to switch to several different sword techniques.

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With the spider hanging from the ceiling, the technique was a horizontal slash to make Skulltula spin and a thrust to stab his weak point. For full clarity, thrust attacks are performed by pressing the right analog stick when using button controls and by stabbing the right Joy-Con forward when using gesture controls. In particular, some fans who are playing Sky Sword with motion control report that they can’t do thrust attacks with this action, but luckily there are a few other options.

In particular, movement control players can use Skyward Strikes against the spider’s weak points if they are unable to perform a boost. This move is accomplished by holding the right Joy-Con vertically to lift Link’s sword above his head and then flicking it forward to release a projectile after the Skyward Strike strikes. If not, Legend of Zelda fans can temporarily change to button controls so they can use thrust attacks in this section, though that’s certainly not an ideal solution.

One final thing to mention is that players may encounter spiders crawling on the ground during their time in the Skyview Temple, and this is handled in a different way. Simply put, fans must perform an upward slash to flip one of these Skulltula onto its back and then perform a Fatal Blow to finish it off. For those who don’t know, this deadly technique is done by locking the enemy on its back, moving towards it until a “Fatal Blow” appears at the bottom of the screen, and pressing up, down, up on the right analog stick or shaking both Joy- Cons.

Legend of Zelda: Sword of Skyward HD available now for Switch.

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