What does the Windows 11 PC Health Check message “Your organization manages updates on this PC” mean?

PC users are excited and wary of the upcoming release of Window 11. Microsoft’s latest OS looks great, but not all computers can run it. That’s why Microsoft recommends running Windows 11 PC Health Check. Unfortunately, the test failed under several conditions, including when a message appeared saying “Your organization manages updates on this PC.” What does this message mean, and how can I fix it?

What does the Windows 11 message “Your organization manage updates on this PC” mean

What is Windows 11? "Your organization manages updates on this PC" message means

Windows 11 PC Health Check will say “Your organization manages updates on this PC” when you don’t have exclusive administrator rights. Maybe your Windows account doesn’t have full admin rights, or you’ve allowed other users to make changes to your PC.

Naturally, this message tends to surprise people. That’s because most people expect to be in complete control of their own PC. You run Windows 11 PC Health Check on your own PC, right?

As for why you were told that your organization is managing updates, it’s hard to say. This message may appear if you run the PC Health Check test on a Windows account without administrator rights. Maybe you’re using a guest account, or maybe a parent or caregiver is set up as the primary system administrator.

This message may also appear if you have linked your business or education account to your PC. To check, open the Windows 10 Settings menu. From there, click Accounts, then Access work or school. On this page you will be able to see if an outside organization manages updates on your computer. If possible, you should be able to unlink your account in order to pass the PC Health Check.

Don’t worry if Windows 11 PC Health Check fails. Messages that say “Your organization manages updates on this PC” are common, and just mean you need to check who has administrative privileges. To fix this, make sure you run the test on an administrative account, and disable any necessary work or school connections.

With luck, this will allow the test to complete. Otherwise, here’s what to do if the software says your PC must support TPM 2.0. Assuming your system meets the minimum requirements, you may also need to enable Secure Boot to pass the health check.

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