Who is Samantha Samsung, today’s popular online character?

Samsung is in the news for an unexpected reason — everyone wants to smell the new mascot character created for the brand. A design firm called Lightfarm created these images with Samsung-owned marketing firm, but the final product was never included in any campaigns. Instead, the image is saved on the Lightfarm site for some time until the company deletes the post.

Now Samantha Samsung is alive, thanks to a sudden boom in popularity over the long weekend. She is a bright-eyed and cheerful woman who loves listening to songs on her Samsung phone, browsing apps, and texting friends. He’s also a new love interest from all over the internet, who became enamored with him overnight.

Through a long weekend, the internet created a lot of Samsung content. Most are not safe for work; The “rule34” subreddit is completely inundated with raunchy Samantha content. He also started using TikTok. It’s a really interesting character model, as the Persona character runs through Pixar designs, so it’s no surprise that she’s popular.

Samsung already has Siri and Alexa equivalents; their phone comes with Bixby. It’s possible that Samantha took off because we never actually got to live with her, or see her running out for endless viral marketing campaigns. We’ll never tell Samantha Samsung “Shut up, brand,” and she’ll never show up with some notes from your phone. Or maybe it’s just another case of the internet suddenly becoming obsessed with female characters to the point of dominating the zeitgeist — this isn’t the first time.

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