Will PlayStation be at E3 2021?: Will Sony have E3 State of Play?

According to the schedule that dropped this week, PlayStation will not appear at E3 2021, the biggest gaming event of the year. This is nothing new, Sony hasn’t been at E3 since 2018, but fans are wondering if there will be a State of Play during E3 week to satisfy our curiosity.

Will PlayStation be coming to E3 2021?

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Sony will once again miss E3 in 2021. For whatever reason, PlayStation feels it can showcase its own games better. While other major companies have opted out of E3 in the past, Sony is the only major hardware manufacturer to avoid the event.

Sony didn’t even officially announce it would be skipping E3 this year. Instead, its absence from the official E3 2021 schedule tells us that it will refuse to appear.

Will there be a State of Play E3?

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While Sony won’t be a part of E3 officially, there’s nothing stopping it from following the same route that EA did and holding its own events in the same timeframe. Sony usually announces the State of Play stream a few days in advance, so it’s very likely we can get one next week.

However, we don’t know how much Sony actually has to show. God of War: Ragnarok has been delayed to 2022, and there aren’t many PS4 and PS5 exclusive games with definite release dates. We recently got our hands on State of Play featuring Horizon: Forbidden West, but even that is still saddled with an ambiguous “2021” release window. It’s entirely possible that Sony might not attend E3 because it doesn’t have anything big ready to show from the first-party studios.

Even though there’s no Sony, this E3 is poised to be a big one. Commitments from Nintendo, Xbox, Bethesda, Square Enix, Capcom, Ubisoft, and other major publishers mean we’ll see some exciting announcements when E3 2021 kicks off on June 12.

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