Windows 11 default wallpapers are the best from Microsoft

Windows 11 leaked yesterday, offering a closer look at some of the UI changes Microsoft is planning for the next version of Windows. The leak also reveals what will likely be Microsoft’s default wallpaper for Windows 11, and a collection of new wallpapers bundled with the operating system. Those are Microsoft’s best Windows wallpapers.

The main default wallpaper includes a light and dark mode version, with what looks like a crumpled piece of cloth. This is a huge difference from the Windows logo which is used as the default in Windows 10, or the two daisies in Windows 8.

You can download the full size version in the gallery above.

Microsoft has also included another collection of wallpapers in Windows 11. The “Captured Motion” set offers more colorful options, and the “Flow” collection is smoother than the default. “Glow” is a set of four colorful orbs that light up the Windows 11 backdrop, and the “Sunrise” collection is a clear nod to Sun Valley’s codename for Windows 11’s UI work.

Since this is an early and incomplete version of Windows 11, it is unclear how many of these images will ship in the final version. It already looks better than the flowers and scenic backgrounds included in Windows 10, and fits the overall UI changes to Windows 11. If you haven’t seen exactly what Microsoft changed in Windows 11, take a look at our hands on the new UI, Start menu, and more.

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